Sioux City Site Safety Team Meeting, June 9, 2015

Sioux City Site Safety Team Meeting, June 9, 2015

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Paul Wolf – SMART-TD Yardmaster Rep., Sioux City, IA, Secretary
Robert Craig – BMWE safety Assistant, Sioux City IA
Chris Archer – SES TCS, Sioux City IA
Bill Wear - BLET Local Chairman, Site Safety Rep., Sioux City IA, Co Chairman
Bob Holsinger – SMART-TD, Site Safety Rep., Sioux City IA
Dan Graves – SMART-TD training Coordinator, Sioux City IA
Michael Carolan – Trainmaster, Sioux Falls SD
Ed Mouw – SMART-TD Training Coordinator, Sioux City IA
Sean Kilcullen - Superintendent of Operations, Sioux City IA
Rob Skuza – Terminal Manager, Sioux City IA
Don Dugan – Trainmaster, Sioux City IA
Doug Peterson – SMART-TD Site Safety Rep., Sioux Falls SD
Randy Wilson – BLET Site Safety Rep., Sioux Falls SD
Jason Smith – SMART-TD Yardmaster local Chairman, Sioux City IA
Joel Westrum – Electrical Forman, Sioux Falls SD
Nick VonSeggern – BLET, Sioux City IA
Ryan Mulder – SMART-TD, Sioux City IA
Nick Seiter – General Claims, Sioux Falls SD
Tessa Collins – SMART-TD Safety Coordinator, Dilworth MN
Scott Lorenzen – SMART-TD, Site Safety Rep., Sioux City IA
Tim VanOvermeiren – BLET Safety Coordinator, Superior WI
Michael Hofland – SMART-TD Local Chairman, Site Safety Rep., Sioux City IA
Collin Swartos – SMART-TD Power Coordinator, Sioux City IA.
Ron Jepsen – BLET Site Safety Rep., Sioux City IA

Safety Briefing – 24 in attendance

Meeting called to order by R. Skuza

TWI DIV Safety Performance:
Injury Freq. – 1.07
Sioux City – 6 Days injury free
Sioux Falls – 499 Days injury free

Safety Stats:
S. Kilcullen discussed the most recent injury in Sioux City where an employee was crossing over a platform of a car and the bolt holding down the grab iron was missing. The employee slipped on material on the sill step and grabbed at the broken handhold and hurt his shoulder.
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Sioux City Safety Site Team Mtg.
June 9, 2015

Safety Stats Continued:
S. Kilcullen touched on the most recent HFREI that occurred in Florance MN, and reminded employees to stay alert and focused.

T. Craig & S. Kilcullen both discussed the recent MOW fatality that occurred in Minneapolis MN. S. Kilcullen stated that the incident is still under investigation and the company is still gathering all the facts before a briefing comes out.
S. Kilcullen also touched on a recent finger amputation that occurred when a MOW employees got their finger caught in a pinch point.

Open Discussion:
S. Kilcullen discussed the recent change in venue for the Sioux City Site Safety Committee Meeting. S. Kilcullen stated that the previous location was up to fire code, but the decision was made to move to the Stony Creek Inn for the personal safety comfort level of employees.

Review Previous Minutes:

Minutes Accepted

Partnership Goals:
T. Collins started off by saying that the Twin Cities is at a 1.07 safety frequency. This has been the best the Twin Cities has ever been this far into the year. Unfortunately we were 1st in the system and fell to 10th. The system average is at 0.75. The Twin Cities has been 56 days since the last decertification, injuries are down 18%, HFREI’s are down 16%, 8 deadly decision and also down -2. T. Collins encouraged employee to stay focused and help turn this recent downturn around.

Approaching Others:
Ron Jepsen discussed 6.32 (Stop and Protect), Derails and the upcoming Health Fair.

R. Jepsen also added that they approached numerous Lincoln crews, North Crews and all the Switch Crews.

Page Three
Sioux City Safety Site Team Mtg.
June 9, 2015

Open Discussion:
T. Collins announced that a very long SIRP issue that was started on the Marshall sub has finally come to an end. The “2 Miles to a Switch” signs have finally been approved and ordered. The signs should be installed soon. T. Collins thanked a past Safety Leader and recent retiree Mark McGarry for his tireless work on this safety issue.

T. Collins stated that Sioux City had 175 participants go thru the Enhanced Safety Training Program and the Twin Cities had a total of 1950 employees go thru the program.

Lesson Learned, Closed Loop:
R. Skuza discussed a recent “Rail Burn” incident that will be worked into the next safety marathon. S. Kilcullen stated that there are 2 people in the cab and employees need to communicate to each other.

Open Discussion:
T. Collins touched on an incident that occurred in Dilworth MN. A road crew was told to go the roundhouse, but was blocked for 70 minutes before moving. The crew arrived the roundhouse and reported that the engine batteries had a “bad toxic smell” emitting from them. The crew never reported this until they arrived the Roundhouse. This is a perfect example where the crew should have stated that they have an issue that needs to be resolved now.

C. Swartos stated that the recent downturn in business, there are limited number of trains so there are limited number of observations.

C. Swartos thanked D. Moore for assisting in grading issue at Merrill.

C. Swartos strongly stated that the bridge material causing a tripping hazard in Merrill was still there and stated someone will get hurt in that location. S. Kilcullen that the material does need to be moved and he will start the process of taking the siding out of service until the material can be moved.

B. Holsinger stated that there are 11 open SIRP’s and 2 are past 30 days. B. Holsinger added that a recent audit added 8 more open SIRP’s, but 5 were taken care of immediately.

Page Four
Sioux City Safety Site Team Mtg.
June 9, 2015

SIRP Log Continued:
#16293 – No Clearance Signs – Marshall sub – S. Kilcullen stated that exact locations are needed. D. Dugan stated that the locations are Doon IA, Lester IA and Sioux Center IA. D. Dugan added that the Track inspector will also look at these locations.

#16317 – Vegetation – 18th Street Yard – Sioux City IA. S. Kilcullen questioned that the weed sprayer was in town, why didn’t they spray the yard? C. Archer to look into this issue.

S. Kilcullen stated that more SIRPS are being issued account of trees blocking the right of way. C. Archer stated that the tree cutting machine is in town and thy have a man finally qualified to run it. The trees should be coming down soon.

Lengthy discussion

S. Kilcullen stated that employees need to red tag hard to throw switches and not SIRP them. It is setting up a trap for someone, and switches will get fixed quicker.

Old and New Business:
B. Holsinger requested an update on a new boot vendor. R. Skuza stated that there is no new news.

B. Whear requested an update on the new road at fields siding. D. Dugan stated that the road has been completed.

B. Holsinger requested an update on the washouts in the new pass road. C. Archer stated that when the grader comes back into town the new pass road will be graded and fines dumped.

E. Mouw stated that the new hires are done on Friday. The last class and this class will be furloughed. C. Archer added that MOW was currently taking temp craft transfers to the MOW side.

T. Craig thanked T. Collins for assisting in the recent MOW new hires, these are people from the TY&E side and are transiting to the MOW side.

T. Collins stated that the Twin Cities Division Safety Meeting and SIRP meeting will be held on July 22 in Fargo ND. If employees have any issues please bring them up so they can be elevated.

Page Five
Sioux City Safety Site Team Mtg.
June 9, 2015

Old and New Business Continued:
T. Collins stated that the information for next month’s safety marathons will discuss the recent fatality, summer heat issues, Quit smoking classes and Health and awareness.

T. Collins & B. Whear both discussed Peer to Peer training that will begin across the division. Sioux City employees will travel to the July 15th class in in Dilworth MN. A Peer to Peer counselor will assist in counseling employees about grade crossing incidents, fatality incidents and other issues any employee may have. The Peer to Peer counselor will also have access to the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) information.

T. Overmeiren thanked L. Mikkelson, T. Shatswell, R. Skuza and S. Kilcullen for the recent success of EST.
T. Overmeiren added that the Sioux City EST is looking for a BLET representative for EST.

T. Overmeiren stated that a new conference call with NOC heads will take place soon, the conference call will discuss issues with dispatcher and MCO. Employees need to pass on information to the union leaders that include specific times and specific dispatchers and MCO.

M. Hofland questioned if the main line would still have the crossover into the yard at 31st street? R. Skuza stated that the plans show the crossover will be removed account not enough space.

M .Hofland stated that Recovery in Sioux City was not properly coupling the cars. There are misaligned drawbars throughout the string of cars. R. Skuza stated that he would talk to Recovery.
S. Kilcullen questioned about the housekeeping issue in Recovery.
M. Hofland stated that is was better, but could still use more cleaning.
S. Kilcullen stated that employees need to take the track out of service if not cleaned.

B. Holsinger questioned why Roadmaster D. Knopp has not been at the last 2 Sioux City Site Safety Committee meetings. S. Kilcullen added that D. Knopp was out with capitol gangs and employees need to talk to the Trainmasters for communication with D. Knopp.

R. Skuza stated that Sioux City is currently looking for 2 new RCO trainers. Anyone interested needs to talk to M. Hofland.

R. Skuza stated that Sioux City needs to conduct a small tabletop HazMat drill. T. Collins stated that the Yardmasters need to be involved in this drill.

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Sioux City Safety Site Team Mtg.
June 9, 2015

Initiative Report:
R. Skuza stated that there are 5 Initiative teams on the Twin Cities

S. Bettencourt is on the HFREI reduction team. The team has recently had a blitz in Dilworth to address the recent HFREI’s. Run thru switches and derail continues to be the number one HFREI. Next month they will be blitzing in Aberdeen SD.

M. Carolan is on the Line of Fire Team. M. Carolan was on vacation and will update any progress at the next safety meeting

D. Moore is on the Slip Trip and Fall Team. D. Moore and the team is developing information on the 3 recent injuries involving Slip Trip and Fall.

D. Dugan is on the SIRP team. The teams goal is to reduce 90+ day SIRPS and promote the issuing of SIRP’s. D. Dugan will conference call all the SIRPS once a month on a local and divisional level.

S. Koppleman is on the Critical Zone Team. This team goes out and performs Roadmaster blitzes.

S. Kilcullen stated it is the goal of all the teams to have schedules and exempt employees working together to achieve the teams goal.
T. Collins stated that any employees requesting to be on a certain team to please talk to her and she will get you on that team.

S. Kilcullen discussed Approaching Others and the new approach about taking Trainmasters out with scheduled employees. S. Kilcullen stated that Sioux City is the first location to take these Trainmaster with them and get out of the lunchroom and approach other employees in the work place. The goal is to discuss safety with employees in the cab and on the switching leads.

Open Discussion:
S. Kilcullen thanked E. Mouw and D. Graves for all their hard work with coordinating all the recent new hire classes.

R. Skuza announced that there will be an employee appreciation day on June 28th at the Sioux City Explorers Baseball Park. Please see the Trainmaster for tickets and details.

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Sioux City Safety Site Team Mtg.
June 9, 2015

R. Skuza honored last meetings employee of the month Justin Jensen. J. Jensen is unable to attend account heat restrictions, but R. Skuza thanked him for all this hard work.

R. Skuza & S. Kilcullen welcomed N. VonSeggern and R. Mulder. Both employees witnessed an industry employee slumped over in a track mobile and notified the yardmaster. The industry employee and suffered a medical emergency and was all alone. This crew quick thinking and response helped save this industry employee’s life.
R. Skuza presented the employees both with a plaque.

T. Craig nominated Mark Braa as the Twin Cities South Employee of the Month. M. Braa is the Sioux Falls MOW Forman and continually goes above and beyond the call of duty.

R. Skuza to notify M. Braa and invite to next Sioux City Site Safety Committee Meeting.

Safety Marathon:
Next Sioux City Safety Marathon to be held on June 16th & June 17th. The persons that will be conducting the marathon will be: TBA.

The next Sioux City Site Safety Team Meeting will be held August 11, 2015 at 0900.

Meeting Adjourned

Ongoing Capital Expense Issues:
1. Lineups
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