The Federal Railroad Administration has published its long anticipated rule governing train crew size. The rule, in essence, will require two crew members on nearly every train as they operate today. (more…)


Brothers and Sisters,

We need your help contacting your Congressman and urging them to support a clean version of H.R. 749 the Passenger Rail Reform and Infrastructure Act. (PRRIA)

This important legislation funds and sustains a key component of our national transportation system.

We fully support this legislation despite having concerns that the bill does not provide Amtrak with the funding levels (more…)


As we approach the start of Iowa’s 86th General Assembly I would like to write of this year’s elections and how our agenda may be affected.

Much has been made of the Republican steamroller that moved across the nation this midterm cycle. What is less mentioned is that the electorate, mainly the Democrats, just stepped aside and let it roll. It was less of a popular revolution and more of a popular revulsion. As has been written before, when you do not vote..you are in effect voting for the eventual winner. (more…)


WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) today issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that will help protect communities from crude oil and hazardous materials incidents by strengthening requirements for securing unattended freight trains. The proposed rule codifies many of the requirements included in Emergency Order 28, which the FRA issued in August 2013 following the Lac-Megantic accident (more…)


The Iowa Legislature adjourned today ending the 2014 session. The session may be remembered for…well, for an unremarkable session. Controversial legislation was held at bay by both chambers which may have been calculated to harness strong political rhetoric prior to the campaign season. (more…)


F2290 is a bill that prevents law enforcement from asking for your drivers license after an on-rail accident. Although not monumental in scope, it does offer some protections for our members. It should end the often contentious problem when law enforcement demands your driver license. We have had members (more…)


The Iowa Legislative Board of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union, Transportation Division has announced their support and endorsement of Senator Jack Hatch for Governor. In his personal business life as well as his public political life, Senator Hatch has shown consistent support for working class (more…)


Click on the link below to be directed to SMART-TD news concerning two-person crews. I advise sending a short, hand written note to your congressman. I especially encourage those members in the 4th District to write or call the office of Steve King as he is the only of Iowa’s four congressmen to yet indicate support.



If you visit this site then you are probably aware of the two-person crew bill submitted in congress. HR 3040 has been introduced in the House of Representatives and has bi-partisan support. I encourage you to contact your Congressman and ask him to support and co-sponsor this legislation. There (more…)


The Iowa State Legislative Board of the SMART-Transportation Division was successful in establishing a law in Iowa that provides hours of service limitation and rest periods for crew bus drivers. The bill was signed into law on April 24th by Governor Branstad. It had previously passed out of the Senate 46-2 and out of the House 99-0. (more…)