The Iowa State Legislative Board of the SMART-Transportation Division was successful in establishing a law in Iowa that provides hours of service limitation and rest periods for crew bus drivers. The bill was signed into law on April 24th by Governor Branstad. It had previously passed out of the Senate 46-2 and out of the House 99-0.


The law restricts driving time to 10 hours and total time (which includes wait time) to 15 hours. It also requires that the transportation provider’s “clearly communicate” to their employees when their rest periods are to begin. Drivers will then be granted 8 hours uninterrupted rest. The contact provision is very similar to what we enjoy in the railroad industry. To help insure compliance, an addition provision was added that prevents drivers from accepting calls during their rest. The applicable fine should dissuade a temptation to accept “one more run” after being notified that the rest period has begun.


Drivers are, under Iowa rule, required to maintain a logbook. This logbook can be of the electronic variety and PTI (Professional Transportation, Inc) has notified my office that their onboard devices comply with record keeping requirements.


Contact your Local Legislative Representative or this office for any additional information.