The Iowa Legislative Board of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union, Transportation Division has announced their support and endorsement of Senator Jack Hatch for Governor. In his personal business life as well as his public political life, Senator Hatch has shown consistent support for working class Iowan’s. As a property developer Jack Hatch has nearly always used union contractors on his projects. In addition to understanding the high skill trade unionist bring to the job, the Senator also realizes the benefits that higher paying jobs brings Iowa.

Iowa has the highest rate of dual income households and ranks consistently in the lower 10% ┬áin private industry hourly wages. By supporting higher wage contractors, Jack Hatch helps support the stable and secure families that make Iowa strong. Senator Hatch also supports raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. Iowan’s deserve a wage worthy of their toil and while the proposal is still below comparable levels in the 1960′s (peaking at $10.53 in 1968), it brings an equitable wage to the lower working class and helps our struggling families.

Senator Hatch also realizes that to build Iowa beyond our agricultural roots we must expand our urban and rural development in areas that will attract diverse industry and commerce. Expanding passenger rail service is just one advancement that Senator Hatch supports. Cross state service is one more incentive for new and expanding businesses to consider when choosing a location. Additionally, expanded passenger service will ease highway congestion and resource consumption, making it a benefit for all.

Please show your support for a better Iowa and vote for Jack Hatch.