The Iowa Legislature adjourned today ending the 2014 session. The session may be remembered for…well, for an unremarkable session. Controversial legislation was held at bay by both chambers which may have been calculated to harness strong political rhetoric prior to the campaign season.

SMART Transportation Division was successful at getting another protective law passed for all Iowa operating craft employees. The Governor did sign into law SF2290 mentioned in the previous article above. Our more comprehensive van safety/minimum insurance bill failed to make it through the second funnel.

Matt Windschitl, switchman/conductor and SMART member from Missouri Valley was elected Speaker Pro Tem in the House prior to the session adjournment. Our congratulations go out to Matt for being elevated to this new leadership position. Matt has proven himself a leader even in his brief tenure in office. First elected in 2006 at age 22, he has been an Assistant Majority Leader for the past four years. We look forward to working with Matt in his new leadership role.